A group of 50 students (30 students from Delhi Public School, Srinagar on interstate Exchange/alongwith 15 students of the Eco Club of Choithram School, Manik Bagh, Indore accompanied by 4 teachers) visited Jimmy McGilligan Centre For Sustainable Development on Jan 28 with an objective to learn about Eco-friendly technologies , cow-centred organic farming ,biodiversity and a lifestyle with optimum self- sustainability using natural resources.

They were give a tour of the centre by Nanda and Rajendra and had an interactive session that helped them to be aware about integrated concept of Sustainability and practical experience of witnessing live demonstration of various sustainable technologies like Solar and Wind –ower station lighting 19 street lights for the 5 years to the landless tribal community of the village, 11 different types of Solar Cookers; specially a purposely designed a Solar Kitchen run with a Scheffler dish ,made by Solar Engineer late Jimmy McGilligan OBE .


They also had detailed information about the costs and functioning of solar water heaters, Urja Janak -Solar dryers for drying vegetables fruits and herbs etc ; Solar Lantern , emergency lights, phone charger, Torch, Heat Retainer basket .In response to a slide show ,on “ Purpose of life “ the students as well as their teachers expressed that all this was never imagined by them nor ever seen before. Everything we do and how we do , we need to sustain our Values ,Arts, Culture, and healthy practices as well as indegnous knowledge .

Its about sustaining our relations with the Creator ,five elements ,and His creations Animal Kingdom, Vegetation Kingdom and Mineral Kingdom and five elements ! We as human have a role of caretakers of all these creations .They also said they were immensely inspired by being at Jimmy McGilligan Centre .

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