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World Environment Week

June 6, 2017,  “A week with Nature (June1-6,2017) based on  UNEP theme for World Environment Day,concluded at Jimmy McGilligan Centre For Sustainable Development with its Chief Guest the  Environmental Scientist and Researcher  Activist , Dr.Vandana Shiva handing over 5 parabolic solar cookers to 5 woman needy, deserving landless women who have been cooking on firewood.

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These five(in photo with their heads covered) Shaitan Bai 50 years old widow from , Bhil working from village Sunere Kuan Manpur district Indore needs  eye operation,  Chanda Bai Dhakad 55 years old widow from Sanwadiya ,  suffering with multiple health problems and low vision,  Nahju  Bai Rawat 35 years old mother of 4 daughters ,Bina Bai Janglia 38,Raju Bai all tribal in Sanawadiya. Each of them contributed 10 percent to  towards  Prince Cookers, costing Rs10,000 .Solar Cooker International in Sacramento has donated 90 % with the help their donor.  Janak Palta McGilligan quoted her husband , late  Jimmy McGilligan OBE always  said” Cooking in smoky kitchens is a Violence against women and she also  ensures that   Solar Cookers are given to users after training them how to use and maintain. These women  users  were trained here  by trainers of the Centre Nanda and Rajendra Chouhan on June,5, 2017 at the Centre.

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Adressing  the Validictory gathering , Dr Vandana Shiva said “  Ever-increasing use of poisonous  chemicals and fertilizers in soil, conspiracy to end Indian indigenous diversity of food starting with  seeds, oils and Cotton  is resulting in  larger population being  unhealthy and in the grip of Cancer Diabetes, hypertension, heart problems .Threat to   environment is threat  to human life  .   Only way is to make seed banks, need  to return to organic food patterns by doing organic  farming is the way forward to  improve nutritional value through concern  Food as Health.Farmers suicides are also result of debt and Government policies.  Use of Solar Cooking and Food processing technologies will add value to increase shelf life of perishable products will  make it sustainable. She also warned over the threat to Indore’s world famous traditional food Vendors at Sarafa .

 Mrs Smita Bhardwaj  IAS ,Managing Director  of MP Financial Corporation presided over and appreciated the efforts of Jimmy McGilligan Centre for organizing a week long indepth learning about  serious problems and  Environmental Issues faced globally  and now  closing it with  a solution locally by empowering rural and tribal women with Solar Cookers is  putting in action aligned with the prayer chanted by its director Janak Palta McGilligan  highlighting “ Present World  Needs demand  deeds not the  words . ”  Anurag Shukla an organic farmer shared the brief report of the past  6 days activities and participatory talks .  Main activities  include viewing, feeling and appreciating  various shades and forms of Nature e.g Raining. Sunrise, Sunset, bird watching by participants doing  drawing, painting , reciting  poetry, Nature Walk,

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Music, Poetry and Inspiring prayers relating to Nature all in local language by Sangini Breast Cancer Survivors Group and Exhibition on Autibiography of Trees by Rajesh Sharma.Different subjects covered in sessions conducted by eminent and Role Models  Dilip Chinchalkar, Dev Kumar Vasudevan, Ashish Dubey, Shubha Vaidya,Anuradha Dubey, Rashmi Joshi, Chinmay Mishra, Anurag Shukla,Rajendra Singh,  Dinesh Kothari , Sameer Sharma and Green Heroes of Indore Mr Arun Dike, Ambrish Kela and  Daniel from PTC and  Janak Palta McGilligan .Subjects covered were soilseeds and food, water and rivers ,treeplantation and Heritage ,Indigenous foor, Sustainable life style, purpose of life with the help of PPTs and Documentries.

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Anurag Shukla also shared the pledges and  action plans by the participants will go for  dropping seed balls on neighboring hilltops ,participating in hundreds of thousands Tree plantation on Dev Guradia Mountain  and in Indore on July 2, 2017 and  to adopt waste free life style, going for Organic food and use of renewable sources energy. All the participants brought their home made food  made indigenous food to shared and generated no  waste.Vote of thanks was given to all those about 500 participants  of all ages during A week with Nature “

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