World Environment Day Celebrated  at  Jimmy McGilligan  Center  for Sustainable Development concluding  with action plan  “ Sanawadiya  Declaration  “ an outcome of  Week long   Environmental Discourse  held around the theme


during May 31st – 5th June, 2019 “ Programme started with Baha’i devotional prayers Chanted by Youths Sameer Sharma, Deval Verma Sunil Chouhan and Aprajita Bhadoria and Mahatma Gandhi’s Prayers “ Allah tero Naam  and Vaishanav Jan to  and Prayer about Environment by Pratusha Niati.

Janak Palta McGilligan  welcomed everyone to finalise the  the action plan that will  be implemented during year 2019 -2020 by collaborating all participating Organizations and Civil Society Groups. Chief Guest of the closing ceremony was  Ms Anjana Tiwari Superintendent  Police  Head  of  Fire Department of MP in Indore .She  shared the working of Fire Stations with limited human and Equipment resources for unlimited persons. She shared the  harmful hazardous gases polluting  air of  following  each fire accident and most of it can be prevented by Safety measures.She was assured by Dr McGilligan that they will make people aware about these issues .She shared the following action plan committed by people and groups to be implemented until June 5th , 2020 that will also help moving forward towards accomplishing SDG’s by 2030:

1  To identify folk compositions/dances related to environment and popularize them and involve Artists Singers and Inspiring Story tellers and Spiritual Poets and leaders in all awareness and  Environmental activities # Beat Air Pollution including  sustainable lifestyle  mentioned below.Indian Classical Singers Kalapini Komkali, Bhuvnesh Komkali, Gautam Kale have offered their service to support such campaigns and activities.

3 Jimmy McGilligan Centre For Sustainable  Devlopment  will focus on Shri Ram Centinal, Indus World, Pragay Girls School , Educational Institutions like Prestige Institute , Indore Dental College MGM Medical College to become Eco-firendly Campuses students and teachers to use Steel bottles for water Steel Tiffins and all events reducing waste and plastic to reduce Air Pollution .

4 Planation and raising  of  suitbable Trees around one Km of both sides of River Kanh, Sarswati  ( Under Cleaning ) by  Scientic Eco Foundation, INFO BEANS SBI Training Centre HDFC , Leo Club Tavleen Foundation, other clubs and associations and individuals who will pay Rs 500 each  tree for  rasing each tree for two years  . Dr Gurmeet Singh Narang  commited to develop 13  Tiny forests to be made in the school and industry premises The total need  is 15000 trees  that will be provided by Municipal Corporation and  Forest Department. A monitoring committee for managing is headed by Ambrish Kela, Bharti Sawrwate , Col Anurag Shukla Rajendra Singh , Pawan Shrimal and  socially  supported  by Janak Palta McGilligan .

5 Network of NGOs working for  Animal and Birds  has been founded by Janak Palta McGilligan it will be Chaired by Dev Vasudevan , Praiyanshu Jain will be the Coordinator Network members are  Nihar Parlunkar, Aware, Shelter Home of Shailender and Praiaynashu, Neelam Dubey Nikky Surekha Govind Maheshwari .Sameer Sharma Volunteered to be the Social Media Partner for promoting their cause and news .

6    Janak Palta McGIlligan Anurag Shukla, Susmeeta Bhattacharya will be advocating and giving free training for  use of Solar Cooking and Solar Energy ,Wind Energy Biogas and  spreading awareness in schools And  Solar thermal Technologies for reducing domestic air pollution

  7 None of those who particpated in thois dicourse will use flex banners.

  8 Nikky Surekha , Govind Maheshwari  and  Janak Palta cGilligan will revive the raising of Bullock s and bullock carts in farming to sustain male calvs.

  9   OP Goel and  Anurag Shukla , Pawan Shirmal , Gautam Kasliwal will push water recharging , rainwater harvesting and first will be made in Sanwadiya intitiated by Deepak Rawaliya Bharat Bhandari Prashant and Dushant Dhakaad.

10  Advocate the Indore Municpal Corpration  to leave space for trees when they make pavers and relive the trees from tree gaurds when they are mature .

11  Beerbal Wisery, run by Sameer Sharma and Aprajtia Bhadoria launched  a Mango sapling raising here today by training people to make a sapling to  plant  50000 Mango trees with the help of all the a participants  in  about 1200 community gardens.This was followed by a training session conducted by experts where everyone was taught how to plant saplings.

Janak Palta McGilligan gave a vote of thanks to all who participated in this discourse.


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