Developing and Transferring Solar Food Processing Technologies in Central India.
In 1998 when the Ministry of Non Convention Energy Sources New Delhi decided to test Scheffler Solar Cookers in different regions of
India, their Regional Testing Centre in Indore selected Barli Development Institute for Rural Women as an ideal place to test this solar
cooker, as it had a kitchen cooking simple meals for 40-50 persons daily, and committed staff who could monitor the use of this cooker.
Saving and developing the environment is one of the most threatening concern for the people all over the world at this time of history. Time has come when each human being individually as well as collectively needs to think globally and act locally.
Being a Baha’i-inspired NGO, spiritually committed to environmental conservation, the Institute has developed an environmental friendly campus . Sustainable life –style enables the trainees to learn to grow vegetables, lentils, fruit, herbs and natural methods of composting the farm wastes including vermin-composting; re-used wash and sewerage water, rainwater harvesting and re-charging
For promoting community solar cooking, Ministry of Nonconventional Energy Sources, Government of India had decided to install he Schefler Parabolic Dish Community Solar Cookers at suitable locations in the country . All the six Regional test Centres-cum-Technical Backup Units for Solar Thermal Devices(RTC’s) set up in the country by the Ministry, were asked to identity suitably sites in
their regions for the installation of Scheffler cookers.